The Yorkshire Gem

Lockdown 2020

The 2020 lockdown to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been the strangest and most surreal experience of my life. I live alone with my dog Harry so the house is a very isolated place. As somebody who... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter!

Little lamb doesn’t like to be left behind!

Let’s take a look at colic

Let's take a look at colic. Time is crucial in the survival of a colicking horse. If you suspect colic, phone your vet.

Lateral Work

Lateral work as a way to maintain horse fitness during COVID19 lockdown.

Showjumping Whip Rule Change

Showjumping whip and spur rule change as of 1 January 2020 (images and rules included)

Travelling during an equine flu outbreak

Measures to consider when travelling during an equine flu outbreak

I’ve caught the tattoo bug again!

Last weekend Sam and I attended Leeds Tattoo Convention at the First Direct arena. This was my first visit to a tattoo convention and it was an inspiring experience. I have had a few tattoo ideas in mind for years... Continue Reading →

The Great Yorkshire Show 2019

Enjoy a brilliant day out at the Great Yorkshire Show!

Horse showing for a newbie

I took part in a couple of ridden shows when I was much much younger (pre-teen) and I didn't really enjoy it. I didn't like the pressure, the anxiety, the being on show (!!!) part and the rushing around to... Continue Reading →

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