My little pudding is handling the fireworks quite well this evening! Some animals get very stressed at the noise and bright flashes and you can’t exactly talk them through it. So I figured that if I act as if everything is normal then my little pooch might feel as though it is. We’re now relaxing on the sofa together and watching Strictly! I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it has certainly worked for my little Harry.

I took a similar approach with Leo as I was in the field with him when the fireworks started this evening! He also took it quite well *touch wood*. I was unsure wether it’s best to leave him out where he has a lot more space to move around in and he has his friends for company, or wether to keep him in and shield him from it. Leo much prefers to be in the field rather than in his stable so I opted to leave him out. I am however worried about fireworks getting stuck in his rug or him stressing out, but I would be equally worried about fireworks starting a fire in the barn or him box walking from stress if he stayed in!

Fingers crossed all the animals out there are coping ok 🤞🏻