I recently finished my last week working for an indoor ski slope that has been the central part of my life for almost seven years. I have worked a minimum of 45 hours a week there – always working through my lunch break, very rarely leaving on time and (mostly) holding strong against huge amounts of pressure. I have grown, learnt, developed and loved my time there. Don’t get me wrong – the lows were very low! But the highs massively outweighed it. I have met some of my absolute favourite people while working in various roles for the company.

I joined the business from a love of snow and snowboarding. At the beginning it was a temporary role to put me on until another winter season in Alpe d’huez. What should have been a couple of months there turned into several years! I have been a customer service advisor, sales & membership advisor,  programme manager, interim head of marketing, online marketing coordinator, head of reception and finally activities manager.

I left on good terms and maintained a high level of professionalism until the end – who knows, one day I might find myself back there!

My favourite thing about my time with the company is absolutely the team and the people! My biggest regret – not snowboarding more!